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Forever Is Over



[21/30] pictures of Gerard Way

This is the original of this repost.

watching nyan koi with friends uvu

  • all time low: how close are you and your best friend(s)?
  • blink-182: are you immature?
  • bring me the horizon: do you seem intimidating to people?
  • fall out boy: how much do you love your hometown?
  • fun.: are you popular?
  • green day: are you an inspiration to others?
  • my chemical romance: do you miss anybody?
  • never shout never: how much would you change/do for the person you have feelings for?
  • of mice & men: do you have a lot of pent up rage?
  • paramore: have you matured a lot in the past few years?
  • panic! at the disco: are you poetic?
  • pierce the veil: do you wish you could change something you regret doing?
  • sleeping with sirens: do you think you're overrated?
  • twenty | one | pilots: do/did a lot of people in your hometown love you?
  • vampire weekend: favorite school subject?
  • 30 seconds to mars: can you be very serious at times?




chandelier // sia

party girls don’t get hurt
can’t feel anything, when will i learn?
i push it down, push it down


I’m not there. image

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rin looks like he’s wearing heelys 


  • Season 1: I fucking hate Pornstache
  • Season 2: Pornstache isn't that bad. I fucking hate Vee

Hi I'm Sunny and I sold my soul to bands and Andrew Hussie

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